Excel Champions League Spreadsheet Template

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Champions League 2020-2021 Scoresheet

We present to our English users the spreadsheet “Excel Champions League Pool Template”. The past years we have published spanish version of National Teams competitions such as: Excel World Cup template, Excel Euro pool template or America Cup template. And we continue this season with the Champions League 2020-2021 in excel. Last year we was surprised for the success of this template.

The template has different ways of use: you can use as an Excel fixture of the Champions League for your own use, or you can use the files as a pool with your friends, yor workmates, with the bar clients or whoever you want to play.

As always I want to thank SandruskDesign for helping us with some aspects of the template design. What an artist she is!

Once the standings draw has been celebrated on we’ve post the Excel final template of Champions League.

Excel Champions League 2019-20
Pool template Excel Champions League

We are great fans of the Champions but we’ve never playe a pool of this tournament, and this season is the first time we’re going to play the pool with our friends.

This Champions League pool is a bit different from other national teams tournaments. The National team tournaments, such as the Euro or the World cup, are played during a few weeks and the draws are closed before the start, however the Champions is played along the whole soccer season. Also there are some draws during the tournament: for the group standings, the round of 16 and the round o quarterfinals. So you have to be aware not to miss any game. But there are also advantages, because if you don’t hit results in the first rounds, you can have the same new opportunities in the following rounds.

In the Champions you have 1st and 2nd leg in all the rounds except in the final, that is a unique game. This excel is adapted the Champions rules.

How to use Excel Champions League 2020-2021

It’s very easy to use this template and when you download the template you can see also the instructions. In the group stage you only have to fill in the grey cells with your results predicition. You can fill in all at one time or you can go round by round. The group standings will be based on your predictions. In case of equality you can choose the order of the drawings clubs.

When the groups stage has finished, there will be the Round of 16 draw. When you open the file after the draw you will have to refresh data (press F9) and you will see the Round of 16 matches-up (only in Windows, if you use mac, you should download the file again in case you hace a database controller installed).

Then you can fill in your predictions of every game, and in case of draw at the end of the 2nd leg 2 extra grey cells will open to undo the draw.

For the next rounds: quarterfinals, semifinals and final you have to repeat te following steps in each round: update data in excel to see de Draw matches-up, fill in your predictions and send it to the pool administrator

Excel Champions League Pool Template

Download Excel file Champions League 2020-2021

Some comments to Excel Champions League:

Also, for those who want to admin an Excel Pool of the Champions League 2019-2020, you can download at the bottom the file to manage the pool with the instructions.

Download ADMINISTRATOR file for Excel Champions League Pool

Some comments to Administrator file

As always, if you find some bugs, or you want to leave a comment, they are welcome. You can explain to us your pool rules, so other users can be able to get ideas of how to manage. You can also tell us were are you from, how many people play… Thank you very much in advance.


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